Here’s a little bit about us; is a new e-commerce platform that caters to Sri Lankans living in the “new normal”.

The Covid-19 pandemic of the last few months has seen the rise of importance of two things – local produce and e-commerce platforms.

At, we aim to marry both.

Koththamalli is a household name in Sri Lanka and is used as a remedy to combat everything from the common cold to the viral flu. Similarly, we aim to be a remedy to the current situation, working with local manufacturers and traders to expand into new markets while also giving customers the best of international brands and household goods.

So come be a part of our journey – help us strengthen Lanka’s traders and the economy.

Consumer oriented Service is lacking significantly across all industries in Sri Lanka, but even more so in consumer retail.

We aim to provide an unmatched customer experience to our consumers and our suppliers, starting with the onsite experience and extending to our after sales service. Because we believe that customer relationships are the very foundation that every successful venture builds on.
Inflated pricing is common in retail and especially the online space in Sri Lanka.

The traditional model sees online retailers use a ‘buy and sell’ strategy, which results in lower margins.

We aim to provide our customers with ‘below market’ pricing and unmatched value at all times by constantly reviewing our pricing strategy.