Premium Kithul Treacle By


Premium Kithul Treacle By Koththamalli

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Premium Kithul Treacle By

This secret science of this elixir is known to but a few Master Sri Lankan artisans and their families who have preserved our countries heritage over generations.

Expert tappers climb 40 to 50 feet into the air with their handmade ladders, sometimes 3-4 times a day to extract golden yellow sap. This in turn gets dehydrated over a wood fire to form the syrup.

This traditional handcrafted kithul elixir is inherently golden in hue & possesses a rich fruity smoky flavor which is synonymous with the variations in environment & unique biology that the palm thrives in. It Also draws its unique flavors that stem from the master artisan’s signature method of tapping and production.

This texture and flavor cannot be reproduced in a commercial setting to this level of authenticity. We at wish to bring forth these forgotten and diminishing tastes and products to the newer generations that have little time & access to savor such age-old delights. We also ensure the longevity of the industry the livelihoods of these humble artisans & their families.

Pure kithul sap extracted from The kithul palm to create the delicious syrupy delight that is Premium Kithul Treacle By –  750ml Bottle.

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